G7 Urban 7 initiative

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Through the U7 initiative, cities are committed to greater recognition of their role as stakeholders in sustainability

In the closing statement read the following paragraph (p. 17):

“Cities are places of diversity and identity, exchange and integration, creativity, and solidarity. They are crucial to driving prosperity and ensuring equal opportunities for all. We acknowledge the significant role of cities, their associations, and networks as actors in our transformation towards sustainable development. We commit to foster exchange among and with cities. We task our relevant Ministers to develop a joint understanding of good urban development policy to be adopted at the first ever G7 Ministerial Meeting for Sustainable Urban Development, and to decide on joint initiatives for unlocking the full potential of cities to promote social, cultural, technological , climate-neutral, economic, and democratic innovation for the common good.”

You can find the full declaration at the following link: References_to_cities__urbanization_and_multilevel_action_at_G7_ministerial_communique_in_May_2022.pdf (g7u7.org)